Landing page
this is the second main product of the project. This is the page, where all the chapters of the campaign lead, it is the epicenter of the campaign
Photography book
and, the third main product of the project. This documents represents a summary of my photoshoot with the end results + the posters
Process book
here is the webpage with the summary of my process book. I've selected the slides I believed are the most 'telling'
The self-explanatory self-reflection document
Final Check | Suggested check order
All the items are complementary and you are free to go with your own order. However, here's the suggested order with all the products uploaded right here. Each image is clickable and leads you to the product page.
Concept overview
this document shows the overview of the brand, target group, and the campaign, as well as the end products
Concept book
this is the main product of the project. It describes everything that I've been working on this semester
Pitch video
this is the video presentation of the concept and the project as a whole

Thank you! <3

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